Like all other websites this one also uses cookies, small text files that allow storing of information on visitors’ preferences, in order to improve website functionalities, simplify navigation by automated procedures and analyse how the site is used. Session cookies are used to prevent that one particular function of the website is provided to a user who has not requested it; for security reasons, to prevent cyberattacks to the website; to filter the products thus verifying if the user has logged into the website or if he/she has put the product in the cart. Cookies are also essential to distinguish all the connected users. These cookies do not contain any personal data and their duration is limited to the current session, i.e. until the browser is closed, therefore they do not need consent from the User. If the User has logged into his/her account, the law allows us to collect data on the basis of our legitimate interest.
Functionality cookies used by this website are strictly necessary to use the site, the are specifically related to a particular feature of the website which has been requested by the User (E.g. Login). These cookies require no consent. Cookies can be deleted from the system or mobile device through the browser. For instructions on how to manage and delete cookies, please refer to the specific section in the guide of your browser. If the User has disabled cookies, it will not be possible to use all the features of the website.  This website also acts as intermediary for third-party cookies, used to provide visitors with further services and features and to improve use of the website itself. This website has no control over third-party cookies, which are completely managed by said third parties. Hence all the information concerning purposes and uses of third-party cookies as well as the methods to disable them are provided directly by said third parties. In particular, this website uses cookies of the following third-parties: Google Analytics: an analysis tool by Google, which uses performance cookies to collect anonymous navigation data, aggregated exclusively to analyse how the Users use the website, to compile reports on the activities in the website and provide other information including the number of visitors and the webpages browsed. Google can also transfer this information to other parties, where provided for by law or where said parties process such information on Google’s behalf. Google will never associate an IP address to any other data in its possession. All data transmitted to Google are stored in servers located in the United States and owned by Google, which is committed to process said data according to the Data Controller’s requests issued through the software settings. On the basis of said software settings all advertisement and sharing options are disabled. The User can selectively disable Google Analytics data collection by installing on his/her browser the specific plug-in provided by Google (opt out).

Lastly, this website uses social network plug-ins and/or buttons to enable easy sharing of our content on your preferred social networks. In order to safeguard the Users’ privacy, these plug-ins are programmed not to activate any cookie when Users access the webpage. If needed these cookies are set up by the social networks, only when the plug-ins are actually and voluntarily used by the Users. Please bear in mind that by surfing the Internet while logged in to the social network, the User has already given his/her consent to the use of cookies conveyed by this website at the time of their registration to said social network.
For further information regarding the collection and processing of the information gathered through the plug-ins, please refer to the related social networks privacy policies.



Given the content of this Cookie Policy, updated to 25.05.2018, I hereby expressly give my consent to the processing of my personal data.