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NTE Process is a single source provider that will support you in all phases of design, supply and innovation of industrial plants. NTE Process provides the most cutting edge technologies of process and Industry 4.0.

Born from Nol-Tec Europe’s technological expertise and knowledge of the industrial processes, NTE Process can provide you the best solutions on the market, thanks to its own patented technologies and international partners.

Process solutions

From design, to full scale tests,
from installation to start-up and after-sales support:
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Process solutions
Process solutions
Process solutions

Our process solutions for solids and liquids

We combine a consolidated experience in the market of pneumatic conveying,
mixing, dosing and automation systems, with the possibility of
offering you the most innovative technological solutions, for process plants and equipment.

Dense phase pneumatic conveying system

NTE PROCESS dense phase pneumatic conveying system uses a reduced amount of compressed air to conveying large amounts of product through the use of Air Assist® injectors, strategically placed along the conveying line, in which the air is injected causing short and regular caps of product.

Dilute phase pneumatic conveying

The dilute phase pneumatic conveying, typically defined as “low pressure conveying”, is characterized by the low efficiency ratio which usually is lower than 5kg of product per air kg.


Technological solutions for pneumatic mixing, suitable for abrasive or fragile products, with no mechanical parts in contact with the product (air mixing). Versatile and easy to clean, such technologies allow the mixing of high volume of product and the conditioning of temperature and moisture, of coloring and fragrance during mixing.

Spray Drying

Spray Drying is the most dependable process for producing dry powders from any type of liquid solution or slurry feed, with different viscosity, in order to get engineered powders with very precise particle size thanks to patented atomizing nozzles. It is a solution that avoids the product deterioration due to heat and guarantees high purity of the finished product.


We provide different solutions for drying among which we highlight the RIBOCONE, a multi-purpose equipment that can be used for fast mixing, drying, cooling, vacuum drying and heating treatment (for decreasing of viable cells, for crystallization, for chemical reactions).


In-line formulation technology that allows dosing from the bin (IBC) or directly from the big bag, with a considerable reduction in cleaning and change over time. Wonderbatch® allows to mix batches directly in the mobile container.

Parallel Process

It is a patented technology which enables decoupled processes working simultaneously and allows you to maximize the flexibility of the system. It is particularly suited for tailor made small production and based on Wonderbatch® solution.


Auger Filler packing technology with a easy cleaning design thanks to the Split Hopper. Such hopper is divided into two hinged parts that enable maintenance and cleaning by complete opening. Atex version is also available.

Air Pollution Control

The NTE PROCESSe dry sorbent injection system, known as DSI, for the reduction and mitigation of harmful emissions such as SO2, SO3, HF, HCI, Mercury, Dioxins provides a simple, effective and less costly solution compared to the traditional wet method.

Process solutions
Process solutions
Process solutions

Quality international Partners

We combine patented technologies with the experience of the best technological partners on the international market,
to offer you a path of innovation and development tailored to the needs of your business.


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Process solutions
Process solutions

Quality Service

We analyze your needs to accompany you throughout the entire process:
from design, to installation, from the opportunity to test our technologies, to the after-sales assistance.


Research Centre & Test Plant

In our Research Centre and Test Plant you can directly test our technologies, with the opportunity to perform both scientific tests (fluidity, aeration, consolidation, etc.) and full scale tests (spray drying, drying, solid-liquid mixing, parallel processing, pneumatic conveying, etc.).


The right process and design will be defined and calibrated on the basis of the specific needs of your business. In this phase, detailed reports will provide you the most relevant information for the predictive analysis of performance and the preliminary system design.

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Advice and design

Thanks to the technological expertise and the knowledge of process, we can provide you a  specific and customized technological advice: from existing plant check up, to delivery and installation worldwide, to commissioning and start up.


You will have a reliable single partner, able to guide you in each phase of the process of choosing, designing and installing of the new technologies.


Customer care

We offer you our support and advice also in the after-sales phase, through assistance services, even remotely. We provide scheduled maintenance contracts with the supply of spare parts of our equipment, to continue to follow you even after the start of the process.


You can count on a single point of reference close to your needs, to guarantee the reliability and security of a customized process solution.

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In line with its mission and principles of environmental, social and economic sustainability, NTE Process intends to contribute to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and works concretely to offer innovative solutions to help its customers to produce in a more sustainable way.

The publication of the first Sustainability Report is an important step in this direction, as it allows NTE Process to give full visibility to its sustainability policies and actions and to monitor its performance over time.

Download the 2021 Sustainability Report