From engineers and technicians to leaders and innovators, women play a vital role in shaping the future of NTE Process and the entire pneumatic conveying and industrial process solutions sector.

By embracing diverse perspectives and empowering women in all aspects of our business, we are creating a stronger, more dynamic workplace and driving positive change in our industry in order to break down barriers and build a more inclusive world for future generations.

This year, to celebrate the International Women’s Day, NTE Process decided to adhere to one of the initiatives organized by the Comune di Gorgonzola, the “Pink Walk”, a 3 km walk in memory of Dykadja Paes, creator of the #zittocancro project, which aims to offer solidarity, closeness and help to women fighting cancer by raising funds for the IEO – MONZINO Foundation’s women’s oncological research.

Thanks to all the employees, family members and four – legged friends who took part in this initiative, thus helping to colour the city streets pink with a generous gesture.

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