Air Mixers M244 & M277

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The NTE Process pneumatic blender, Air Mixer M244, has no functioning mechanical parts in contact with the product and is capable of blending transporters, hoppers and silos with batches from 200 litres to 200m³ by changing only:

  • cycle times (ON/OFF)
  • compressed air (or nitrogen) pressure
  • adjustment of valve stroke (manual or automatic).

It is an air blender that allows for degradation phenomena to be significantly reduced since the product is gently pushed from the bottom upwards by pulses of air or nitrogen in a circular, continuous motion until the required degree of blending is achieved.

It is therefore ideal for homogenising very abrasive, fragile products of different particle sizes and specific weights, which require rapid cleaning cycles, and it is available in ATEX, DAIRY and GMP versions.

It is also free of dead zones and therefore particularly suitable for handling small amounts of cohesive additives, reducing the segregation phenomena typical of mechanical blenders.

The Air Mixer M244 can be cleaned using a suitable pressure washer kit, cryogenic cleaning or washed with dedicated products through a CIP cycle.

Moreover, it is possible to add perfumes, spices, additives and fats in liquid form during the blending cycle using the aerator M543 that is equipped our patented nozzle; in this way, they are directly sprayed onto the powder while it is being blended. This innovative patent protects the mixtures from the dripping phenomena typical of traditional nozzles and prevents the drops themselves from forming clumps.

The main advantages of the pneumatic blender are:

  • no wear, because the blender has no moving mechanical parts in contact with the product;
  • no product deterioration, as there are no mechanical parts inside the blender;
  • reduced contamination of mixed products as the blending head is designed to limit the stagnation of material after each blending cycle, ensuring perfect discharge;
  • no maintenance required and reduced cleaning times;
  • possibility of blending larger volumes of product in a single batch or entire silos;
  • use of inert gas as the blending force;
  • high blending speed;
  • energy savings compared to mechanical blenders.

NTE Process can also combine the Blender M244 with the Transporter M201, to make the Blender Transporter M214, to blend homogeneous batches and transfer them, via dense phase pneumatic conveying, to the final destination, such as packaging and storage silo systems, thus reducing segregation.


By including the NTE Process blending cone M277 in the dense phase pneumatic conveying system, it is possible to blend silos from 60m3 up to 200m³ and homogenise different products loaded directly from different tank trucks.

Thanks to the shape and the 12 aerators of the cone M277, blending is fast and efficient. The difference in the different product batches, or different lots of raw material, is cancelled, ensuring uniformity in production and safeguarding the integrity of the mixture obtained.


The Fluidising Bin Bottom system (FBB) M328 is NTE Process’ winning answer to the problems caused by sticky powders and coarse materials that do not flow smoothly. In fact, this technology allows for the fluidisation of materials in storage silos and reduces bridging and ratholing phenomena and residues on the walls.

NTE Process’ fluidisers use air pulses, the pressure and volume of which can be adjusted, and they are suitable for hoppers and silos due to the particular configuration of the aeration valve that allows for 360° distribution along the walls of the cone, thus being able to fluidise and homogenise even with the discharge valve closed (preventive and/or emergency action).

It is a versatile technology that can be used in various industrial sectors, just like the blenders.

The possibility of blending large volumes of product, the energy savings compared to mechanical blenders, their versatility and ease of cleaning mean that the Blenders M244 and M277 can be used in different sectors.

Some of the products that can be mixed:

Milk Powder • Aspartame • Lactose • Titanium Dioxide • Sugar • Dolomite • Starch • Catalyst  Zinc Oxide • Copper Oxide  Soya Powder • Egg Powder • Potato Flakes • Dextrose • Gum Arabic • Fructose • Coffee • Maltodextrin • Calcium Citrate Aspirin Powder • Alumina • Antibiotics  Calcium Carbonate • Wood Flour • Soda • Wax • Kaolin • Iron Sulphate  Ventilated Quartz • PVC • Cellulose • Polypropylene Granules • Cement • Cereals • Lime  Glass Balls • Sand • Pigments  Fertilisers  Zirconium • Iron Oxide • Feldspar.

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