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NTE Process has recently integrated into its range of solutions the dry grinding, micronization and dosing processes for multiple industrial applications – from mineral raw materials to the chemical industry, as well as the production of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, up to control applications for harmful emissions and for recycling materials.

Products with different densities (such as sodium bicarbonate, pigments, metal and polymeric powders, calcium carbonate, graphite, lithium, etc.) are grinded by hammer mills, pin mills, JetMill (with opposing air jets) and separated thanks to a dynamic air classifier. The separation of the different grain sizes takes place thanks to a particle size selector that separates the fine particles and brings the coarser fraction back into the grinding flow. It is also possible to automatically adjust the fineness of the selected product in-line and with extreme ease, obtaining the best performance and the lowest energy consumption.

In addition, NTE Process provides cryogenic solutions based on modular systems through which substances with low softening points or thermosensitivity (such as elastomers, rubbers, resins, oily products, biscuits, etc.) are efficiently pulverized bringing them to their embrittlement temperature, through the use of liquid nitrogen suitably dosed in the screw feeder of the mill.

The pulverization processes normally carried out at room temperature can be carried out at cryogenic temperatures with better quality of the ground product and with a reduction in energy consumption.

NTE Process supports its customers as a system partner from the design and development phase up to the installation of the turnkey system such as:

  • milling and injection of bicarbonate to control harmful emissions from fossil fuels, biomass, incinerators;
  • grinding and handling of toner for printers and PTFE-coated pans as well as metal and polymer powders for 3D printing;
  • compaction without additives through grinding processes for graphene, graphite, carbon coke, etc;
  • systems for the production of detergents;
  • grinding and classification for the production of powder coatings with minimal cleaning time and cost savings;
  • ultra-fine grinding for processing cathode material (e.g. lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide) and anode material (e.g. graphite, silicone) used in the production of lithium ion batteries.

Contact NTE Process to learn more about the possibility of integrating mills and dosing systems into your plant as well as to perform any type of test for preventing problems related to product grinding and classification.

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