Drying and Concentration

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The NTE Process drying and concentration technologies combine quality, safety and respect for the environment with the preservation of the organoleptic characteristics of the products. This contributes to the development of new raw materials used in a series of processes that characterize drying technologies, such as enrichment, sterilization, granulation and incineration.

In particular, NTE Process provides a thin film centrifugal concentrator – Evapor – suitable for high viscosity products and where degradation is not allowed, such as in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, biochemical sectors, where traditional evaporators are not effective.

Evapor is compact and available in a stand-alone version with an integrated control panel. It can be equipped with a solvent and effluent recovery system deriving from the drying process.

The reduced permanence of the thin film at exposure to temperature, makes Evapor the perfect concentrator for applications with enzymes and antibiotics, protein solutions and fermentation broth, extracts of Chinese herbs, flavors, extracts, oils and fats, vitamins, synthetic resin.

Another solution of particular interest provided by NTE Process is represented by Ribocone, a conical mixer-dryer in which the product is lifted entirely from the bottom to the top of the cone with a rotating ribbon screw specifically designed to optimize the performance. This ribbon screw is designed so that the product is mixed and dried uniformly.

The machine has no dead zones inside and is equipped with a special total opening valve that allows a complete discharge with ease of cleaning when contamination between the treated products is not allowed.

Furthermore, the possibility of drying under high vacuum contributes to the reduction of times by up to 40%.

Ribocone can be used for several applications: electronic material – ceramic – magnetic material – Chinese herbal medicines – flavorings – feed – powdered resin.

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