IBC Mobile Containers M512

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NTE Process’ Mobile Containers (IBCs) are designed for the storage and distribution of different products (powders, granules and tablets) and for installation on the Wonderbatch® M510-513 station.

All NTE Process’ Mobile Containers (IBCs) are equipped with an internal cone valve that prevents traditional powder handling problems such as bridging or the segregation of mixtures, during the material discharge and dosing processes.

This makes the technology particularly effective for loading bagging machines and for all decoupling processes that allow for the productivity of batching plants to be increased.

In fact, the containers can be loaded manually or automatically by dosing systems. They can then be hermetically sealed and blended by means of the rotation of the Bin itself. And then positioned on the Unloading Station M510 to load the bagging machines.

NTE Process provides several versions depending on the type of application:

  • stainless steel version to meet the strictest hygiene and safety requirements;
  • IBC Tablet version for the storage and distribution of tablet and capsule products by means of a special passive cone valve placed inside the container that acts in two stages to prevent product breakage;
  • integral version – MDPE or with steel structure for products that are not compatible with contact with steel.

NTE Process’ Mobile Containers (IBCs) are efficient dust-tight solutions and can be customised in volume and size to suit production requirements.

In addition to this, they are particularly suitable for handling carcinogenic or hazardous materials because they limit the operators’ contact with the dust typically generated by big bags or bags.

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