Proprietary patents and international partnerships make NTE Process technologies unique and innovative.

The industrial plants use the latest generation programming technologies, which reduce development times, construction costs and allow remote and preventive maintenance. Furthermore, intelligent integrations are planned between machinery and company management systems (ERP) both for supervision with SCADA systems and connection to the MES

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Process Solutions

A range of innovative technological solutions and process equipment is added to the consolidated NTE Process’ experience in Bulk Material Handling.

Indeed, the company core business includes spray drying, drying, filters, automation and process control systems, as well as mixing systems. Patented technologies combine with the experience with the best technological partners on the international market.

Bulk Material Handling

NTE Process provides complete industrial systems for pneumatic conveying (dense and dilute phase, pressure and vacuum, with transporters, rotary valves, Venturi ejectors, etc.) together with innovative and patented technologies for weighing & batching product. Our processes include pneumatic mixing, storage and bagging.

Cutting-edge solutions, Industry 4.0 ready (Smart Factory), that allow:

  • preventive maintenance
  • optimization of energy consumption
  • reduction of plant downtime
  • performance analysis
  • interconnection between machines and ERP systems.