Wonderbatch® Station

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The NTE Process Wonderbatch® station M510-513 is the optimal solution to meet the requirements linked to dosing from big bags and IBC unloading when production diversification and optimum end-product quality are required, as it prevents contamination and reduces product handling costs.

With the station M510-513 it is indeed possible to unload and dose products directly from big bags or mobile containers (IBCs), eliminating the typical problems of traditional formulation systems:

  • difficulty in changing raw materials;
  • long machine cleaning times and downtime;
  • high number of ingredients to be used and lack of control;
  • difficulty in meeting market demands with flexible productions;
  • inability to fulfil orders with short delivery times;
  • risk of contamination between ingredients;
  • cross-contamination between Kosher, allergenic and gluten products.

The Wonderbatch® station M510-513 guarantees:

  • great flexibility and increased productivity by using parallel production (e.g. blending one formula while preparing the next one);
  • handling of individual formulations while maintaining traceability;
  • hygienic and easy-to-clean design for fast changeovers;
  • reduced capital investment;
  • reduced production costs.

The Wonderbatch® station M510-513 is an efficient and dust-proof solution that ensures completely contained material transfer with no spillage and waste.

The Big Bag Unloader and Dosing Unit M510 with “Wonderbatch” technology is designed to unload dust-proof big bags with a capacity from 500 kg, complete with unloading spout.

The mobile universal structure is designed to support bins and big bag structures placed on it with a forklift truck.

The operator places the M513 universal structure (or bin) on the M510 model docking station, in order to facilitate the unloading operation using the special cone valve.

The natural elastomer cone valve is equipped with a position sensor for precise product discharge and dosing.

The station includes:

  • vibrators installed on the positioning base
  • weighing system with 4 load cells

The operator opens the big bag spout, wearing latex gloves and using the visual indicator, easily and without dispersing dust into the environment.

Once the big bag has been opened, the universal structure is positioned on the unloading and dosing station.

The control panel manages, via PLC and operator panel, the unloading/dosing control sequence of the product contained in the big bag.

The dosing sequence can be selected via the HMI in loss-in-weight, gain-in-weight, batch and continuous modes.

The Wonderbatch® unloading and dosing station is capable of unloading/dosing plastic and stainless steel containers and FIBC big bags.

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