Dosing and Weighing

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Over the years NTE Process has developed specific knowledge relating to dosing and weighing processes applied to numerous industrial sectors, improving their performance in terms of accuracy and homogeneity.

The recipe management systems by NTE Process are precise and free of contamination, based on continuous weighing systems, driven by belt or augers, using weight loss or gain, for continuous or batch production. Customized application software has been developed for the management of formulations via PLC, or communicating with SCADA systems, and all designed to be industry 4.0 compliant to guarantee:

  • monitoring and traceability of batches and detection of production progress, both in automatic and manual mode, giving real-time production times.
  • automated integration through two-way dialogue between the machinery and integration with the company management software, reducing and minimizing data entry activities.
  • easy to use, simple HMI makes for a quick learning time, reducing staff training and start-up times.

Thanks to the revolutionary circular mass-flow feeder Circle Feeder, dosing solutions are also available for coarse products, normally cohesive, fibrous and with difficulties linked to the low specific weight which makes them unsuitable for normal dosing with rotating screws or valves.

Finally, with the Remote Smart Control technology that is associated with all the systems supplied, the NTE Process technicians can support customers remotely and in real time all over the world by supervising assembly and start-up. This also facilitates an immediate response in case of maintenance or after sales services. The Remote Smart Control uses audio / video streaming to connect two operators: in the field operatives can share what they see with the operator carrying out the remote support. The use of Augmented Reality helps to identify the actions to be carried out without misunderstandings, making automatically available tutorials and video reports.

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