Parallel Processing

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NTE Process provides a patented technology for decoupling the processes of the individual production phases which allows maximizing the flexibility of the plant.

In fact, with Parallel Processing the handling of ingredients through big bags and mobile containers (IBC), the formulation, mixing, packaging and cleaning can take place simultaneously.

The production processes are separated thanks to the use of a system of intermediate containers (IBC), each of which is used to transport batches of product from one process to another. The ingredients remain inside their dedicated IBC throughout the manufacturing process, up until the point of unloading at the packaging stage.

The decoupled nature of IBCs allows one blend to be formulated in one container, while another is being blended and a third is being packaged. The ability to move the IBCs independently through each stage of the manufacturing process therefore creates a much more efficient and higher capacity production line.

Furthermore, the recipe can be dosed, using the cone valve, directly from the big bags in which the raw materials are normally received, minimizing contamination between one big bag and the next, as occurs in the case of traditional systems with screw feeder or rotary valves. This makes Parallel Processing particularly suitable for small customized and Wonderbatch® system-based productions as it avoids cross-product contamination.

Among other advantages:

  • quick and easy recipe change
  • flexible and safe solution for the operator
  • agile production system
  • productivity increase up to 300%.

With Parallel Processing, NTE Process can help you streamline operations, improve the quality of your production and reduce waste.

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