Boot-Lift M529

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The NTE Process automatic Boot-Lift is a truck and railcar connector, specially designed to allow the dust free product discharge from truck/railcar hoppers thanks to a high seal of the gaskets.

The NTE Process Boot-Lift M529 considerably reduces risks for operators typical of the manual connection phase since it is completely automated and driven by pneumatic cylinders with variable stroke according to customer’s requests.

The Boot-Lift is designed with a guided telescopic connection and a proximity sensor for connection control in order to guarantee a perfect seal against dust leakage.

Maintenance is reduced to a minimum due to the absence of motors.

Several options are available such as:

  • interchangeable and tailored outlet connections
  • cylinders stroke changeable on request
  • SS 304/SS 316 construction
  • internal treatments and coatings
  • compliance with ATEX regulation
  • execution with special connection.

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