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For the dry injection of sorbents and activated carbon, NTE Process has patented Eco-Lance®: an innovative sorbent injection technology that uses a powerful air blower capable of blending sorbents and hot fumes containing pollutants with adequate turbulence.

Eco-Lance® injectors improve both the blending and dispersion of sorbents within the flue gas duct, increasing the efficiency of the pollutant/sorbent reaction and thus significantly reducing sorbent consumption and maintenance compared to traditional “immersed lance” systems. This results in immediate savings and easily measurable ROI.

The main advantages of using these injectors are:

  • reduction of pollutant levels of SO2, SO3, HCl and Hg even on existing systems with easy retrofitting.
  • reduction of the use of sorbent by up to 50% compared to traditional and advanced models based on simple injection lances
  • maximisation of performance and flexibility thanks to an inverter on the fan, which ensures that the charge air can be changed according to load operation;
  • improved dispersion of all major dry sorbents including hydrated lime, sodium bicarbonate, trona and activated carbon.

Eco-Lance® technology can be used in many sectors including energy, biomass, glass, cement, foundry and in all coal-fired furnaces/boilers.

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