Jetmixer® M531 / M537

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The Jetmixer® M531 is an air mixer, patented by NTE Process, and specially designed to homogeneously blend small batches of powder products from 20 litres up to 2000l. It uses compressed air or other inert gases to gently move the product, by means of discontinuous pulses, upwards in the centre of the blender and downwards along the walls until the blending target has been achieved and without any mechanical parts in contact with the product.

Therefore, there are no dead zones and the blending effect is achieved by simply changing:

  • cycle times (ON/OFF)
  • compressed air (or nitrogen) pressure
  • adjustment of valve stroke (manual or automatic).

The patented design allows for several parameters to be automatically and continuously adjusted in order to actively control blending. They also increase system performance in terms of blending times, homogeneity and energy consumption.

Main advantages:

  • hygienic design and quick release
  • reduced and simplified maintenance
  • no mechanical parts in contact with the product
  • active blending parameter control
  • GMP or MOCA design
  • fast cleaning
  • suitable for inerting, cooling, vacuum blending or degassing.

The Jetmixer® M531 is ideal for homogenising very abrasive, fragile products of different particle sizes and specific weights, which require rapid cleaning cycles, and there is also an ATEX version available.

Since it is free of dead zones, it is particularly suitable for handling small amounts of cohesive additives, reducing the segregation phenomena typical of mechanical blenders.

Moreover, it can be cleaned using a suitable pressure washer kit, cryogenic cleaning or washed with dedicated products through a CIP cycle.

The Jetmixer® M531 is designed as standard for food and pharmaceutical applications and it is particularly suitable for conditioning products (drying, cooling, etc.), with the possibility of injecting liquids (perfumes and colourants) during the blending phase to obtain a powder/liquid mixture. The liquid can be injected from the top of the chamber and/or from below. In the latter case, the aerator M532, that is patented by NTE Process, allows for the liquid to be injected into the blending gas in a controlled manner. Injection speed and liquid distribution can be controlled via several parameters.

The liquid injection skid is built into the Jetmixer® M537 “Lab Unit” and it allows for up to six different liquids to be controlled, one for each valve.

The Jetmixer® M537 unit is the stand-alone process solution made by NTE Process for laboratories and small production runs. It is designed to homogenise materials with different specific weights and particle sizes in hoppers from 20l to 500l.

It is a 5-in-1 system that allows for raw material blending, pneumatic vacuum conveying, liquid injection, cooling (or degassing) and powder conditioning in a single stand-alone process machine.

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