Smartjet M530 / Minijet M379

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Smartjet® M530 is a mini transporter patented by NTE Process for the dense phase pneumatic conveying of products in powder form or in granules under pressure over distances of up to 150m and at flow rates up to 5m³/h.

Its main innovation is the uniqueness of the built-in fluidising disc in the removable insert, which allows for fast and easy replacement.

Smartjet® is available in different versions for flow rates from 100 l/h to 5000 l/h. Thanks to its special construction, it can be used for No Purge, high-pressure and low-pressure dense phase conveying of moderately abrasive powder products, when combined with the Air Assist M366/M533 system.

It can also be suitable for semi-dense phase and Purge conveying.

The small dimensions of Smartjet® allow for it to be used in existing plants and where other traditional conveying systems cannot be used.

Moreover, its extremely low air consumption allows Smartjet® M530 to be used anywhere, simply by connecting it to the compressed air network.


  • fast fluidising disc replacement
  • removable anti-abrasion insert in the outlet duct towards the conveying line
  • reduced and fast maintenance
  • compact, flexible and economical solution.

Smartjet® M530 is particularly suitable for blender loading applications, under bag filters and under bag/big bag unloading systems, but it can also be placed under silos and hoppers for all products that require fluidisation while being conveyed, such as talc, gypsum, calcium carbonate, ground coffee, filter cake and various types of bulk raw materials.

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