Big Bag Filling and Unloading Stations

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The big bag filling and unloading solutions by NTE Process consist of workstations that operate safely and dust-free thanks to integrated filtering systems and developed ergonomics.

These solutions are modular, customizable depending on big bag size and specific application needs, they require minimal maintenance.

The Bulk Bag Loader M502 is a workstation complete with an integrated weighing system which allows a semi-automatic work-cycle and filling accuracy. The pneumatic cylinders assure weighing precision with the advantage of big bag settling.

The station M502 allows operators to work safely thanks to the inflatable seal to lock and automatically inflate the bags. Stations can be combined with Glove Box handling for carcinogenic, dangerous materials requiring OEB certification.

The Big Bag Unloading Station M348 has similar dust free operation filters but is specifically designed for unloading different type of big bags with or without discharging spouts, which makes it a “universal” workstation.

The Big bag unloading stations could be equipped with hoist or serviced through forklift operations.

In addition to M348, NTE Process designed the Station M358 for unloading big bags with spouts. It represents a modular and expandible unloading system that is also complete with a clamp valve for prevention of direct contact between operator and product. The station M358 is particularly suitable for applications requiring frequent changeover thanks to the ease of cleaning. It can be equipped with a dedicated filter and/or connected to centralized venting.

Finally, NTE Process can provide solutions for manual or automatic unloading of bags between 25/40kg: the Big Bag Unloading Stations M506, M506-Combo and M506-automatic. They are complete with integrated cartridge filters with fan or connected to centralized venting system which allow to operate in a safe and clean environment. This makes the stations ideal for chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.

The station M506-Combo allows the big bag unloading through a tensioning valve placed on the top, while the automatic version is provided with belt conveyors, manipulator, integrated bag breaker and screener for unloading up to 400 bags/hour. All can be tailor made and designed to fit airlocks, mobile containers or pneumatic conveying system. There are also manual mobile versions on wheels.

NTE Process’ big bag filling and unloading stations are all available in both stainless or mild steel execution, with different options: ATEX and/or suitable for food (GMP & FDA) and high containment (OEB) pharmaceutical application.

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