M201 Transporter

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NTE Process Transporters M201 are designed for the dense phase pneumatic conveying of abrasive and heavy (such as silica sand, feldspar, glass scraps, alumina, vitrifiable mixtures, etc.), fragile (such as sorbitol, dextrose, sugared almonds, resins, cocoa beans, hazelnuts, puffed rice, etc.) and/or mixed powders and granules (such as batches for the food industry, mixtures for glass fibre and glass, batches for the production of ceramics and for construction, pre-mixed products for ice creams and cakes).

The material is conveyed by the pressurised transporter through a conveying pipeline to the destination hopper or silo. The introduction of compressed air is controlled by a control panel in several separate sections: from above via the “Top Air”, in the cone via the “Air Jets”, and in the outlet bend via the “Bottom Jet”. A fourth control area starts immediately after the product exits the transporter and it is controlled via the Air Assist® devices, which ensure reduced conveying speed, better control of consumption and the restart of the conveying cycle in the event of an accidental stop when the pipe is full of product.

It can also be combined with Air Zone technology to manage different pressure settings on different sections of the conveying lines in the case of long distances.

Moreover, for these long-distance conveying systems, NTE Process suggests the use of the Eco Dense-Tronic® system to reduce compressed air consumption and energy costs.

Transporters M201 are designed according to the pneumatic conveying process application and are usually pressurised from 1 to 6 bar. They are available in ATEX, GMP and MOCA versions are they are always equipped and customised with the instruments and components suitable for the application, they are pre-wired, pre-assembled and tested, ready for installation with minimal field connections.

Finally, all transporters can be equipped with:

  • AirPad M420 for handling cohesive products at high flow rates and over long distances. The AirPad is equipped with a special shaped fluidising membrane along the walls, which conveys the product more easily towards the outlet, preventing build-up and residues and facilitating fluidisation.
  • Blender M244 which, combined with the Transporter M201, to make the Blender Transporter M214, allows to blend homogeneous batches and transfer them, via dense phase pneumatic conveying, to the final destination, such as packaging and storage silo systems, thus reducing segregation.
  • Artificial Intelligence Air Assist® M533, thanks to which the injection flow rate at each point and the optimal gas pressure profile (air, nitrogen, etc.) for the specific conveyor is adjusted and precisely controlled electronically and also remotely using advanced Artificial Intelligence.

The Artificial Intelligence Air Assist® M533 patent led to the creation of “Eco Dense-Tronic®”, a unique solution for dense phase pneumatic conveying that allows for a 40% increase in efficiency and a reduction in energy consumption of up to 70%* to be achieved.

For each plant equipped with Eco Dense-Tronic®, a CO2 saving equivalent to almost 3,000 new trees planted* is possible in one year.

*Results achieved with specific plant configurations.

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