Big Bag Loader M502

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The NTE Process Big Bag Loader M502 is equipped with a built-in weighing system which allows for a semi-automatic work cycle and accurate filling. The product outfeed is facilitated by pneumatic cylinders that guarantee weighing and filling accuracy with the possibility of big bag settling.

In addition to this, the presence of an inflatable seal allows operators to work in a clean and safe way since it blocks the head of the big bag, preventing product spillage, and facilitating loading thanks to automatic bag inflation.

The NTE Process big bag filling station M502 can be used in combination with Glove Box systems for handling carcinogenic, hazardous and/or EPO-certified materials.

Customisation options are available depending on the size of the big bags, and also food-grade and ATEX versions and special equipment such as roller conveyors, bag labelling and stitching systems and pallet dispensers.

The same station can also be equipped with a kit suitable for loading barrels onto pallets.

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