Spray Drying

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Spray drying is a rapid and efficient technology to atomize solid/liquid solutions or slurry with different viscosity, resulting in engineered powders with very precise particle size thanks to the use of patented nozzles.

The main advantages of product derived from this technology are:

  • high purity end product;
  • engineered powders with very precise particle size (up to <10µ) and characterized by high flowability, solubility and dispersibility, enabling handling and storage;
  • process repeatability.

NTE Process provides varied solutions: complete plants or retrofitting of existing plants, pilot scale and laboratory Spray Dryers. Standard machines are complemented by a range of closed-cycle nitrogen Spray Dryers that are suitable for working with highly explosive powders and solvents.

NTE Process have an innovative range of Spray Bag Dryers, these machines have a fabric drying chamber which eliminates metal contamination for specialist material applications.

Spray Bag Dryers are particularly suitable for ceramic, chemical and pharmaceutical applications. Chambers are machine washable and quick to change, this SMED type changeover is advantageous for food applications, industries involving pigments and flavors. Products can have dedicated bag chambers.

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