Circle Feeder

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The NTE Process Circle Feeder is a circular gravimetric extractor and dosing unit used for lumpy, normally cohesive, fibrous products with difficulties due to their low specific weight and tendency to agglomeration (e.g. technopolymers, glass fibres, Kevlar, chromite, ceramic mixtures) that make them unsuitable for normal dosing with augers or rotary valves.

It ensures high precision and discharge performance as the product flows towards the outlet according to the “First-in – First-out” principle, thus facilitating the discharge of hoppers and silos of different capacities and preventing the segregation of the material. Hence its use as a “Mass Flow Meter”.

Main advantages:

  • gentle product handling thanks to slow blade rotation
  • precise and even dosing
  • prevention of bridging and ratholing phenomena of sticky powders during the dosing or discharge process
  • adjustable feed flow via inverter on the motor
  • low drive power
  • reduced noise and vibrations
  • possibility of adding multiple discharge outlets (on request)
  • reduced and simplified maintenance.

Various models are available depending on the material to be processed and there are also special versions suitable for applications in hygienic/explosive (ATEX) environments and with diameters larger than the standard ones for direct coupling to silos.

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