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The NTE Process packing technology is based on automatic and semi-automatic machines for filling big bags, 25kg bags, pre-formed bags, pouches, bottles and cans.

For bagging powder, granule and flake products into big bags from 500kg to 2000kg, NTE Process provides a semi-automatic filling technology based on the Big Bag Loader M502 which allows a semi-automatic work cycle and filling precision thanks to an integrated weighing system. Furthermore, weighing precision and the possibility of settling the big bag are guaranteed by the pneumatic cylinders with which the station is equipped.

Thanks to an inflatable seal that blocks both the head of the big bag and its automatic inflation, operators can work in a free dust environment and the combined use with the Glove Box allows the management of carcinogenic, dangerous materials and/or materials requiring OEB certification.

The Station M502 NTE Process big bag filling station can be equipped with automatic big bag release systems, roller conveyors and automatic pallet positioning systems. There is an M502 Combo version which allows you to load barrels and bins as well as big bags.

For bags from 50gr to 25kg, NTE Process supplies an integrated dosing and packaging machine based on Auger Filler technology: a vertical auger filler characterized by a design that ensures reliability, high performance and manual or semi-automatic use depending on the batches of production.

The machine is equipped with a Split Hopper, a hopper divided into two hinged parts, facilitates maintenance and cleaning by fully opening the machines.

Auger Filler is a versatile technology that can be applied to numerous industrial sectors, including food, pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetic. It is particularly suitable for productions that require rapid product change, and for filling and packing all dry powder products. The biggest advantage is the dust-tight design which makes it an ideal choice for filling very fine powders, such as talcs, flours, spices, chemical additives, baking soda, yeasts, etc. Auger Filler is also available in the Atex version and equipped with a roller conveyor for hot sealing, sewing and labelling.

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