Once again, NTE Process will be at Powtech, the most important international exhibition dedicated to powder, bulk material, fluid and liquid processing. The event will take place in Nuremberg from September 26th to 28th.

Visit us in Hall 4, Booth 542, it will be a great opportunity to discover some of our solutions, including:

Jetmixer® Unit M537, which combines five process functions in a single stand-alone machine capable of performing:

  • Raw material mixing
  • Vacuum pneumatic conveying
  • Liquid injection
  • Cooling
  • Powder conditioning.

Eco Dense-Tronic®, the NTE Process patented solution which introduces an important technological evolution in the traditional dense phase conveying system. By utilizing Artificial Intelligence Air Assist® M533, you can control electronically and also remotely the injection flow rate of each single point and the gas’ optimal pressure profile(air, nitrogen, etc.) for the specific transport . The use of an advanced Artificial Intelligence allows you to obtain on particular plant configurations the following results:

  • Flow rate +20%
  • Energy saving up to 70%
  • Efficiency +40%
  • CO2 savings equivalent to almost 3000 new trees planted in one year.

Wonderbatch®, a revolutionary technology created by NTE Process for in-line formulation that provides a complete solution for recipes, batching and, in general, for handling materials in mobile containers (IBC) or big bags. It is suitable especially in Light Duty industrial sectors such as food, chemistry, batteries and ceramics. Compared to the use of traditional systems, Wonderbatch® guarantees a 40% time saving.

Spray Drying, a technology that allows to atomize liquid compounds or slurry with different viscosities, quickly and efficiently, producing engineered powders with very precise grain sizes thanks to the use of patented atomizing nozzles.


  • high purity of the finished product
  • no product deterioration in contact with heat
  • easy cleaning
  • regularity and repeatability of performance.

We look forward to seeing you at the exhibition to get to know our specialists and see first-hand some of our technologies!

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