From March 21 to 23 we exhibited at the international Show Tire Technology, in Hannover.

On this occasion, the main NTE Process solutions for rubber and tire production were presented:

  • storage of raw materials for rubber compounds in silos
  • “no purge concept” dense phase pneumatic conveying with Air Assist® technology for powders and granules (carbon black, silica, bulk chemicals, etc.) to mixing lines
  • high precision powder dosing and oil injection systems for loading mixers
  • filtration and dust collection
  • polymer dosing through rubber cutters and belt conveyors
  • rail and truck unloading using the NTE Process Boot-Lift M529
  • automation and control systems
  • in-line formulation for additives (innovative technologies for pigment room automation)
  • dedusting systems for storage silos and daybins.

Would you like to know more about these technologies? Visit the section dedicated to the rubber and tire sector.

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