NTE Process’ corporate culture is founded on the principle of respect for colleagues, customers, and suppliers.

In compliance with Legislative Decree No. 24/2023, the ANAC Guidelines of 12 July 2023 and the Company Code of Ethics, NTE Process has activated its whistleblowing platform to report wrongdoing.


Anyone with a legitimate interest in the business activity of NTE Process: customers, suppliers, people of NTE Process (i.e. in addition to employees, also all those, both individual and legal entity, operating in Italy and abroad for the achievement of NTE Process’ objectives, each within the scope of its functions and responsibilities) and other third parties, even anonymously.


Reports can be made in two ways:

–  Using the platform

This channel shall be deemed to be preferential and capable of ensuring the confidentiality of the identity of the reporting agent.

Submit a report

  • Externally

If certain conditions resort, it is possible to report the violations to ANAC, National Anti-Corruption Authority, by following the procedure described directly on the authority’s website


Download and read the procedure