Air Assist® M366 & M533

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NTE Process has patented Air Assists® M366 for the dense phase conveying of fragile, abrasive products and for long distances at low speeds.

It is a volume- and pressure-controlled, compressed air or nitrogen injection technology, strategically placed along conveying pipelines and capable of moving the product in regular plugs. As a result, the product’s resistance in the pipeline is drastically reduced, which allows it to be conveyed over longer distances at low speeds.

This type of system controls not only the product’s speed while it is being conveyed, but also the compressed air consumption, as it is only fed into the line at the points where it is actually needed, so it is better distributed.

The main advantages are:

  • improvement and optimisation of product control and speed
  • reduction of air consumption
  • minimal product deterioration
  • minimal product segregation
  • reduction of wear of conveying lines
  • possibility of restarts with a full pipe in case of accidental or emergency line stops.

NTE Process’ deep passion and ongoing commitment to Research and Development have led to the evolution of the traditional M366 solution, turning it into the new patented Artificial Intelligence Air Assists® M533, thanks to which the injection flow rate at each point and the optimal gas pressure profile (air, nitrogen, etc.) for the specific conveyor are precisely controlled electronically and even remotely using advanced Artificial Intelligence.

The additional advantages deriving from the application of this NTE Process patent are:

  • continuous monitoring of in-line pressure and flow
  • increased system efficiency
  • reduced consumption
  • management via PLC of all adjustments along the conveying line
  • system self-diagnostics & self-learning.

The Artificial Intelligence Air Assist® M533 patent led to the creation of “Eco Dense-Tronic®”, a unique solution for dense phase pneumatic conveying that allows for a 40% increase in efficiency and a reduction in energy consumption of up to 70%* to be achieved.

For each plant equipped with Eco Dense-Tronic®, a CO2 saving equivalent to almost 3,000 new trees planted* is possible in one year.

*Results achieved with specific plant configurations.

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