Gorgonzola, 21 July 2023 – As part of our commitment to sustainability, we support local communities with many initiatives in the Martesana area, where NTE Process is based.

Among these initiatives there is the support to Gorgonzola Football team A.S Giana Erminio. «We have started the partnership with the A.S. Giana Erminio with the clear objective of going beyond the sport, to reach the value of Fair Play, to be transmitted above all to the new generations – explains Albino Novelli, Vice President of NTE Process who in the 80s was President of the Giana youth sector – Since 2021 we have established the “Fair Play NTE Process” award, for youth sector team that has distinguished itself for the fewest disciplinary sanctions obtained during official matches. A piece of our commitment on ESG issues or attention to the environment and social issues, with a view to future sustainability».

The Under 15 team that won the award in 2022 has decided to donate the award to La Cordata ODV Association of Gorgonzola, which organizes many activities for (and with) disabled people, with an approach based on an informal relationship between a volunteer and a disabled person, preferring a playful and convivial approach to a welfare/nursing one.

A virtuous collaboration that crosses the boundaries of sport to touch values ​​such as courage, fairness, collaboration, creativity and passion!

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