Sustainability is one of the cornerstones of NTE Process’ business strategy and, in order for it to actually be a driver of growth, it is essential to link the concept to the ESG pillars – Environmental, Social, Governance.

Most Italians (Research 2023, “The Culture of Sustainability”, ESG Culture Lab, Eikon Italia) associate the word sustainability almost exclusively with the environmental sphere, not considering that the social area is a fundamental part of it. This is demonstrated by the fact that most of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) defined by the United Nations in 2030 Agenda are actually linked to actions of this kind.

Social sustainability implies, in fact, the attention of stakeholder towards the wellbeing of people and communities affected directly or indirectly by the company’s actions, promoting systems capable of reducing economic and social inequalities by encouraging policies of D&I, respect for fundamental human rights and improvement of people’s health and wellbeing.

For the ESG pillars to effectively become a driver of transformation, it is crucial that the various areas are integrated with each other. For this reason, NTE Process constantly strives to implement policies and actions that support people and local communities.

Continuing our sustainability path, we decided to promote an action to help people in need, to raise awareness among NTE Process people to reduce food waste and reflect on the value of solidarity, by supporting an association such as Banco Alimentare.

Banco Alimentare is an association that, since 1989, every day recovers and donates food to local partner organisations that help people and families in need, contributing to the alleviation of hunger, marginalisation and poverty.

NTE Process decided to support this non-profit organisation by donating food products received as Christmas gifts from partners, customers and suppliers and to organise an internal food collection so that each person at NTE Process could contribute to the cause by personally purchasing products.

Thanks to everyone’s contribution, we have donated a total of 135 kg of food and we are committed to following up this initiative by continuing this virtuous synergy with Banco Alimentare.

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