Air Mixing

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Air mixing by NTE Process is performed with state of the art pneumatic blenders (Air Mixer M244/M277 & Jetmixer® M531/M537). The product is mixed through gentle pulses of compressed air or other inert gases (e.g., nitrogen). There are no mechanical parts inside the body of the mixer therefore no contact with the product.

The NTE Process air mixers not only blend very abrasive and brittle products, but they also allow:

  • temperature conditioning (heating or cooling)
  • moisture control
  • coloring and perfuming during mixing by adding powders and liquids
  • vacuum degassing.

By using only the “force” of air, the NTE Process pneumatic blenders allow you to quickly and efficiently mix product with different bulk density and particle size.

They also ensure a specific control of each process need as well as the possibility of mixing both small and large batches (silos mixing up to 200 m³) by simply modifying the parameters of pressure, ON / OFF, valve stroke adjustment, etc. through the PLC.

Unlike traditional mixers that require significant power input to motors, NTE Process’ air mixers can offer potential energy savings. Reduced moving parts and polished internal surfaces make cleaning easy, therefore well suited to food, nutraceutical, ceramic, glass, and fiberglass plant applications. Relative quick clean down times are beneficial where batching and formulation plants require frequent recipe changes.

The absence of mechanical parts in contact with the product and the possibility of using inert gases make them particularly suitable for ATEX applications.

NTE Process’ innovation is represented by Jetmixer® Lab Unit M537: the air mixer that combines five process functions in a single stand-alone machine. Functionality includes mixing raw materials, vacuum pneumatic conveying, injecting liquids, cooling (or degassing) and conditioning powders. M537 can be easily cleaned as benefit of no mechanical parts in contact with the product. Contamination caused by friction with ribbons and screw feeders typical in traditional mixers is not an issue. This unit is particularly suitable for laboratories and small production batches.

The NTE Scientific Hub located at the NTE Process Pessano con Bornago offices is at our customers disposal, it is a modern Research and Innovation Centre. Mixing trials can be performed at 1:1 scale and results verified in laboratory using extensive methods of analysis (powder rheology and moisture content determination, laser diffraction for granulometry measurement, analysis by electron microscope with spectrograph, etc.).

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