Even in companies, a lot can be done for health.

On Women’s Day we are proud to share an important campaign promoted by NTE Process in favour of breast cancer prevention. NTE Process, in collaboration with Lilt, the Italian League for the Fight against Cancer, will offer to the woman of the Company a free screening for the early prevention of breast cancer: breast examinations and breast ultrasound scans for employees under 40 and visits and mammograms for the older.

“As CFO and Head of Human Resources I am very proud of this initiative – explains Roberta Novelli of NTE Process –” The doors of our company have always been open to initiatives aimed at the welfare and health of employees but this year for the first time we were able to offer something truly concrete and inclusive: prevention”.

Prevention is a powerful weapon to overcome the risk of a serious disease and the scope of this campaign is to increase awareness of women about the value of regular screening.

To understand the importance of this gift, just think that today there is a 1 in 8 chance a woman will develop breast cancer in her life but fortunately in recent years survival, like healings, have increased significantly thanks to early diagnosis.

But that is not all. Not only the more than 30 women who work in the company will be involved but also the more than 50 male employees who will be able to share with a family member the advantage of this precious opportunity.

The health of employees is a topic that falls within the social responsibility of NTE Process, as is the protection of the environment and attention to the local community. Recognizing and protecting health in the world of work is the primary objective of all the companies in the group to which NTE Process belongs, and today’s initiative goes precisely in this direction, promoting awareness of staff health also in the workplace.

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